Propecia Generic as a Hair Loss Treatment in Men

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a condition faced by many men all over the world. It is very common in men who are older than 60 years. Propecia generic or Finasteride is a beneficial drug which possesses the approval of the Food and Drug Administration of U.S as a treatment to male pattern baldness in men.

What leads to male pattern baldness?

The androgen dihydrotestosterone or DHT is responsible for 95% of man with male pattern baldness. DHT is the active form of hormone testosterone. It is known that hair loss is caused as a result of the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT.

A hair follicle consists of a special area called ‘dermal papilla’ which has a large amount of receptors for androgens. This area carries the responsibility for hair growth. The cells within dermal papilla are divided and differentiate to forming new follicles.

DHT acts on dermal papilla area, undermining the absorption of nutrients which are needed to have a healthy hair follicles. Thus the hair growth is weakened. As a result of DHT, hair follicles get miniaturized. Therefore hair becomes thinner and lighter with less strength. Then the hair growth is ceased by some time. The amount of DHT produced in an individual is controlled genetically. If the DHT production id high the hair loss is increased and it decreases if the DHT level is low.

The action of propecia generic is referred as an inhibition. The main enzyme which creates DHT is 5-alpha reductase. It converts testosterone into DHT (Active form in the body).The peripheral conversion of testosterone into DHT is inhibited by Propecia generic. This inhibition results in a reduction of DHT in serum and tissues significantly. Therefore propecia generic acts as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor and inhibits the action of enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

A rapid decrease of serum DHT concentration is promoted by Propecia generic. It is founded that Propecia generic helps in suppression of about sixty four percent of DHT with an oral dose of 1 mg of propecia generic tablet within one day. Hence propecia generic can be used as an effective therapy for hair loss in men.

Propecia generic can be used as 1 mg tablet per a day before or after meals. However the use of Propecia generic in women for hair loss is not yet recommended. Children also should not use this medication.

Although propecia generic is an effective treatment for hair loss it also points at some side effects in men. Some common side effects are erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, and ejaculatory disorders. Also some studies have found that use of propecia generic may cause depression and memory loss.

However propecia generic therapy should be conducted under medical advice only. It is important because the need to administer propecia generic may vary from one individual to another. Also other health conditions, other medicines may affect the effectiveness of propecia generic therapy. Therefore propecia generic treatment for hair loss should be used in care.