Finasteride 1mg – Your Simple Hair Loss Solution

Androgenic alopecia, or simply and more commonly known as male pattern baldness, is one of the worst dilemma a man can face, next to erectile dysfunction that is.  Even so, it is a condition that many men would seriously want to treat and would go to great lengths, if possible, just to treat this highly noticeable façade-changing condition.  Most men would likely have tried using different treatment methods with the hopes that it will take care of their hair loss problem. Unfortunately, androgenic alopecia is not something you can simply cure at the roots of the hair.  This is because androgenic alopecia is a hormonal issue and needs to be treated at hormonal level.

The truth with male pattern baldness, aside from it being a hormonal issue, is that it is also a genetic issue as the condition is hereditary.  If your father or your brother has this condition, then it is highly possible that the other male members of that family will also inherit the condition.  It is that simple.  However, there are people who believe in what seems to be false facts or rumors regarding androgenic alopecia.  It is somewhat hard to blame them because some of the reasons seem utterly convincing, while some are just downright outrageous.

  • If your hair is long, the roots of the hair become more strained and therefore cause the receding of your hairline.  Nope!
  • If you wear hats, one that does not allow your scalp to breath or does not have any ventilation, for prolonged periods over a span of months or years will lead to hair loss.  Nope!
  • Shampooing frequently will lessen the chance of hair loss.  This is because the shampoo will wash away the oil in the scalp that leads to the blockage of hair follicles.  Well, not exactly.  While this may sound plausible, you do not really need to shampoo very often to reduce the amount of oil in the scalp.  In fact, if you shampoo frequently, you may even damage your hair more due to the chemicals that shampoo contains.  Shampooing once a day is good enough.
  • When washing your thin hair and you hardly see any strands of hair in the drain after washing, then you are not undergoing balding.  The truth is, just because there are no strands of hair being left in the drain while you shower or have some in your hair brush does not exactly mean you do not have androgenic alopecia.  This condition usually starts during your twenties or maybe your late teens, but does not exactly manifest immediately.  It is only after a few years that you will notice any type of hair loss.  Should you notice that you are already having hair loss, it is important that you visit dermatologist immediately.

Once it has been confirmed that you have androgenic alopecia, the only medication that can save you from it would be finasteride.  Finasteride is one of only two medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States made for treating androgenic alopecia.