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Hair loss is an issue for some men, as they tend to lose more hair than what they normally should.  In the process of losing hair – a lot of it – they eventually become bald.  This is actually what will happen to those who possess the genetic trait of male pattern baldness because they will soon grow bald because of the genetic condition they have inherited from their parents.  One quick way to determine if you will suffer from this genetic issue is to look at your immediate family, particularly the older males.  If your father or older brothers are suffering from baldness issue, if you are male, then there is likelihood that you have also inherited the trait. Read the rest of this entry »

Finasteride 1mg – Your Simple Hair Loss Solution

Androgenic alopecia, or simply and more commonly known as male pattern baldness, is one of the worst dilemma a man can face, next to erectile dysfunction that is.  Even so, it is a condition that many men would seriously want to treat and would go to great lengths, if possible, just to treat this highly noticeable façade-changing condition.  Most men would likely have tried using different treatment methods with the hopes that it will take care of their hair loss problem. Unfortunately, androgenic alopecia is not something you can simply cure at the roots of the hair.  This is because androgenic alopecia is a hormonal issue and needs to be treated at hormonal level.

The truth with male pattern baldness, aside from it being a hormonal issue, is that it is also a genetic issue as the condition is hereditary.  If your father or your brother has this condition, then it is highly possible that the other male members of that family will also inherit the condition.  It is that simple.  However, there are people who believe in what seems to be false facts or rumors regarding androgenic alopecia.  It is somewhat hard to blame them because some of the reasons seem utterly convincing, while some are just downright outrageous.
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Hair Loss Issues Can Be Solved Using Finasteride 1mg

Hair loss and baldness is a very rather common issue among men who has this genetic trait within their family. This is because if baldness is not a genetic trait within your family, there is practically no reason why you will grow bald in the first place. However, for those that do have this genetically passed condition, men belonging to that family risks themselves of having male pattern baldness as soon as they reach the age of maturity.

While baldness is not exactly an issue for some, it is on the other hand a big issue for most, especially if they are proud of how they look by the way their hair projects them. If you have the genetic trait of androgenic alopecia and you want to stop it from progressing, your best course of treatment will be to use finasteride 1mg. Finasteride 1mg happens to be the only treatment for hair loss that comes in the form of a medication. This drug has been approved by the FDA of America for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. There is no hair loss treatment drug like finasteride 1mg as this finasteride 1mg works its magic from inside your body.

If you are wondering how finasteride 1mg works? Well, basically finasteride 1mg inhibits the production of a certain hormone that induces the thinning out of hair follicles. When you have the genetic trait for baldness and you have excessive levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone within your scalp, then your hair follicles will begin to thin out slowly. This is manifested by the thin hair that grows from them which is why the scalp becomes visible through the strands of hair. Dihydrotestosterone is actually only a byproduct of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which converts the hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. What finasteride 1mg does is that it prevents the enzyme 5-alpha reductase from doing any conversion. Thus, finasteride 1mg is able to decrease the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp and in the process, stop the thinning of hair follicles and the progression of hair loss.

Finasteride 1mg is very effective when it comes to stopping male pattern baldness from progressing because it basically works at a hormonal level from deep within your system. If you compare the overall mechanism of action of finasteride 1mg with other hair loss treatments, clearly finasteride 1mg is superior as most other hair loss treatment products only attempt to treat the issue from the surface and not from within – the latter which is what finasteride 1mg does. This means that if you are keen in solving your hair loss issues, it would be best if you take finasteride 1mg to treat it. Read the rest of this entry »

Finasteride VS Flomax Can Both Be Taken Daily?

Flomax is a drug that belongs to the alpha-blocker class. This drug is mainly used in treating urinating problems caused by the condition BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy or abnormal enlargement of the prostate. Finasteride is a drug that is classified as a 5α reductase inhibitor. This drug is mainly used in treating BPH. There are a number of people who take both medications together. This is to treat their BPH and to allow them to pass urine without much difficulty or pain.


There are actually no concrete evidence that both drugs interact with one another. Although there are reports of asthenia, atrial fibrillation and dyspnea, the number of reports is not substantial enough to consider the reaction as a potential risk or side effects. If you must take both drugs together, feel free to do so to help you recover from the ailment and be able to urinate freely.


Additional Information

The drug finasteride was initially intended to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy. However, it was discovered that at lower doses, the drug can also be used in treating androgenic alopecia. Merck, the manufacturer of the drug discovered that the ideal dose for treating androgenic alopecia is finasteride 1mg.


Finasteride 1mg is actually the drug that many men who are suffering from hair loss have been waiting for. Finasteride 1mg has been given approval by the Food and Drug Administration of America as treatment for male pattern baldness. The reason as to why finasteride 1mg is truly effective in treating this hair loss condition is that it treats the disorder at the main cause of androgenic alopecia – at the hormonal levels. In a clinical study, through the use of finasteride 1mg, many men have reported significant improvement in the ceasing of their hair loss. In fact, nearly half of those even reported significant increase in the density of their hair due to new hair growth.


The main reason why some men suffer from male pattern baldness is due to their excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone found within their scalp. What dihydrotestosterone does is that it thins out the hair follicle until the hair follicle can no longer support the growth of hair. What finasteride 1mg make sure of is that the drug prevents the further formation of this dihydrotestosterone, thus decreasing its levels or presence in the scalp. Finasteride 1mg is able to do this as it inhibits the enzyme 5α reductase from transforming the hormone testosterone into the more potent dihydrotestosterone. Because of this action, it makes finasteride 1mg the total cure for androgenic alopecia. Read the rest of this entry »

Use Finasteride 1mg for Hair Loss Cure in Men

When we look at the web, we might dependably discover a few individuals bitching about the terrible reactions of finasteride 1 mg. It has been rehashed again and again that the impacts of taking finasteride 1 mg is very uncommon, considering that just a little rate of clients are reporting about the treatment’s results. All things considered, finasteride bland ought not be a risk but instead an astonishing medication for managing male pattern baldness among the male populace.


Such a great amount with the symptoms, the greater part of the men, particularly the individuals who are into weight training, may ask – does taking finasteride 1 mg influence the testosterone level? We should have a more critical look.


Finasteride 1 mg was initially proposed to treat men enduring male pattern baldness issues. The medication is fundamentally a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, importance it pieces protein exercises to safeguard the testosterone as opposed to being changed over into DHT. From the minute you are perusing this article, you may have definitely known how hurtful DHT is for the hair follicles. When it increments in level, it ties together with the hair follicles making it shrink. It by one means or another reinvents the ordinary development cycle of hair strands in light of the fact that it takes away the follicles’ capacities from delivering thick and sound hair strands. Over the long haul and as DHT levels keep on aggregating, the hair strands created begins to end up more slender and more slender until they are no more obvious to the exposed eye. So when you say that a man has endured hairlessness, he doesn’t really get to be uncovered. Hair follicles will in any case keep on growwing hairs, however just they are too thin you can barely see them with the bare eye.

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