A Quick Look at the Revolutionary Finasteride Drug

The finasteride drug was conceived by the pharmaceutical company, Merck.  The drug was originally intended for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia in men.  However, during the testing phase of the drug, there have been reports of side effects experienced by those participating in the product testing.  Those who had side effects also happened to have male pattern baldness, wherein they noticed that their hair fall issue had stopped and that there were significant improvement in their hair.  The makers took notice of this side effect from their finasteride drug and started doing some research of their own.  Through this, they learned that their finasteride drug not only treats benign prostatic hyperplasia, but it also can treat androgenic alopecia.

There are two doses available for finasteride drug and each particular dosage of finasteride drug is catered to treating a particular condition.  The finasteride drug of 5mg is catered to treating prostate issues of benign prostatic hyperplasia, whereas the finasteride drug of 1mg is catered to treating hair loss issues relating to male pattern baldness.  If you have any of these issues or conditions, using the finasteride drug will surely be to your benefit.  Then again, for Merck, the finasteride drug manufacturer, they happen to be reaping more profits now from what seemed like a side effect of the drug they have developed.

When buying finasteride drug, it is important that you know the dosage of the condition you intend to treat.  Nevertheless, it is not like the higher dose of 5mg the finasteride drug has will not be able to remedy hair loss issues.  Even so, it is cheaper to buy the 1mg version if your aim is to treat hair loss issues.  Knowing the proper dose is important when buying your finasteride drug as the proper dose of finasteride drug is more catered to treating either of the two conditions finasteride drug is known to treat.

Although the finasteride drug of 5mg is intended for treating prostate enlargement issues, there are those who buy the 5mg finasteride drug and use it for their treatment of hair loss.  What they do is that they use a pill cutter to divide the 5mg into four equal parts, with each part measuring 1.25mg each.  They believe that this method is not only more economical, but the higher dose they are taking means that treatment will also be faster.

If you have either of the issue and would like to use a finasteride drug for treatment, it is better recommended that you buy your finasteride drug online instead of from physical stores.  This is because the price of finasteride drug online is much cheaper as compared to that of physical stores.  This is the very reason why many who use finasteride drug for treatment get their finasteride drug online because they are able to save more money.  Since the drug will need to be used regularly, making the most savings per pill purchase of finasteride drug can greatly help, particularly if you are tight on your budget.