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What Are the Side Effects of Finasteride 1 mg?

Finasteride 1 mg has been prevalent for years due to its powerful effects in handling hair loss among men. But along with its beneficial results come unwanted side effects. Although we know that every drug has its own positive and negative sides, the negative effects of finasteride 1 mg are quite rare. In fact, a clinical study has been conducted to test the effectiveness of finasteride 1 mg and only less than five percent of users reported undesirable effects. The rest of the population were able to appreciate the overall results of finasteride 1 mg and further prevented baldness.

Despite of the reported side effects, your body can get back to its normal shape if you stop taking finasteride 1 mg. For some people, however, their body needs to adjust with the medication and while they continue taking finasteride 1 mg, the side effects eventually fades away. Therefore the drug should not be a threat to you but instead, an amazing drug to help you overcome baldness issues.

For individuals who are quite more susceptible to experience the sides, they should either lower the dosage or stop taking finasteride 1 mg. Some of the reported side effects were stated below:

Dizziness and Headaches

These are the most common effects that men might experience during their step of the treatment. According to experts, the reason behind might be because their bodies are adjusting with the drug. Remember that finasteride 1 mg resolves your hormonal imbalances and prevents certain enzymes from further increasing DHT levels. These changes may, in return, cause some sides. However, most users reported that they only experienced the symptoms during the first few days to weeks, and eventually the dizziness fade away as they continued with the treatment.

Flu-like Symptoms

Runny nose, weakness, the feeling that you might pass out, and feeling sick are another batch of common symptoms that might occur during medications. Although only a few reported that the symptoms persisted after few weeks, some users eventually stopped taking finasteride 1 mg and the flu-like symptoms went away. Read the rest of this entry »